Filtr is an end to end post production facility in Glasgow.

We are passionate about post production. We know how important the post process is, the final stages of your much loved project, and believe strongly in creating an enjoyable and effective environment in which to finish.

We have bright spacious edit suites and a state of the art dubbing studio to make the long edits as comfortable as possible. We have plenty of parking, and are just a short stroll from Glasgow’s west end and the city centre.







The Racer
Matchlight for BBC Scotland
ALT – The LaFontaines
Bees Nees for BBC Scotland
Labour Of Love
HG Productions for BBC
Piping Live
Bees Nees for BBC
Tunnock’s Caramel Logs
Levy McCallum

Bees Nees Media for BBC Alba

Man Booker Prize VTs
BBC for Man Booker Prize

The Town that Thread Built
TVI for BBC Scotland

You’ve Earned It
Fond Films for Scottish Government

Rocket Post
BBC for National Theatre of Scotland

Bees Nees Media for BBC Alba

Scotland’s Game Changers
Matchlight for BBC Alba