Filmed Corporate Video

Filtr make corporate video stand out and get noticed. We don’t just make your video look great, but, more importantly, we involve you right from the beginning.

Unlike most, we listen first, then advise on the best way forward. And we still haven’t touched a camera yet.

This makes the final video totally relevant, cost effective, and makes it do what it was meant to do from the start; get you more likes, visits, and business.



Our brief was to create two short talking head style videos for a professional services firm. The client was keen to avoid a stereotypical boring corporate white paper, so we used an interesting and eye catching location and different camera shots to keep the visuals engaging.


We completed 1 day filming at 1 location and delivered 2 videos for their online platform. Choosing the right location was important, and once this was agreed, we storyboarded the shots that would add weight to the information the client was going to be delivering. A good edit was crucial to keeping the delivery of the information engaging and cutting between different visuals to keep the viewer engaged.

We produced:

  • 1 x 60 sec animation
Package cost from £1,500 – £3,000



Our brief was to create a film for a charity that would attract more volunteers to its young persons mentoring scheme.


We completed 2 days filming at 3 locations and delivered the following content:
• 1 x 15 min film
• 1 x 5 min film
• 5 x 4 – 6 min interview videos
• 15 x short subtitled videos for social media
• 11 x animated GIFs for social media
• 5 x stills for social media

Multiple file formats for various platforms including high resolution file for cinema presentation, DVD and Blu Ray, exports optimised for each social media platform, high resolution export for web, as well as very small file sizes for restricted web access.

Package cost from £10,000 – £15,000



Message design and content plan

Video duration up to 2 mins

1 day filming at 1 location

High quality finish and branding

Music track

2 standalone subtitled clips


3 stills for social media

Packages start at £1,500


Message design and content plan

Video duration up to 5 mins

2 days filming at up to 3 locations

High quality finish and customised branding

Up to 3 music tracks and voiceover

5 standalone subtitled clips

2 GIFs

5 stills for social media

Packages start at £5,000

PREMIUM + prices dependent on requirements, call us for details. If you don’t see the package you are looking for here, give us a call.